Caitlin McEvoy

Visit: District23


Describe your business

As a freelancer I work with local bands, artists and businesses. I also own and run a clothing line called District23 where I design and screen-print my own t-shirts. What’s so unique about both my freelance designs and the clothing company is the range of styles I’m able to do. A lot of clients come to me because they want something different to what agencies can give them… they like something hand-lettered and personal to them and that’s what I like to give them.

What is your greatest business achievement?

Last summer District23 was featured in FHM magazine on several occasions, so that’s definitely a highlight! That’s not bad considering I have a full-time job in media and publishing on top of my freelance work. It’s exhausting doing both, and at times it’s quite the juggling act, but should I have a slow month freelancing I still have something to fall back on.

What made you want to work for yourself?

I find I’m more creative when I’m working for myself than when I’m working in an office. If I want to take a walk for five minutes to get outside my head on a project then I have that option. I can work whenever I want, so that means I can fit freelancing around a full-time job as well. Plus, there’s no office politics and no-one else interfering in the design process and touching your work if you have a day off. Being responsible for a whole project is why I wanted to work for myself.

Why is self-employment so important?

It’s so diverse being a freelancer. You get to choose the types of projects you want to work on and it’s really rewarding when you build solid relationships with clients and it stops feelings like work – especially when you’re working towards a deadline at two in the morning. With design constantly changing and evolving there are no limitations or rules to what we can do, and that makes it exciting to me.