Craig McDougall

Visit: Broken Physics Productions


Describe your business

I run a company with my business partner called Broken Physics Productions. We’re a video production company operating on the South coast of England. There are plenty of video production companies, but I think we offer something a bit special. We basically split the company into two parts, one that does typical commercial video work and one that uses video for community reasons. The medium we work in promotes creativity, innovation and sense of wellbeing and we really want to encourage that. 


What is your greatest business achievement?

Our greatest achievement by far was when our university recognised us as the best graduate start-up business. We won the award for Best Graduate Start-up 2014 at Solent University’s Enterprise and Employability Awards. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I sit and think about the fact that I’m 23 and I’m running my own business, completely self-sufficient…


What made you want to work for yourself?

I’ve always been a part of a small business, and I’ve come to love the ins and outs of how business works. The idea of working for yourself, making a name for yourself and being self-made have always seemed like very admirable qualities to me and so I’ve always strived to achieve them. I’d say that’s the biggest reason I work myself now.


Why is self-employment so important?

Both me and my partner come from families that run their own businesses so it’s always been something that was important to both of us. Our universities encouraged us to look for jobs in our industry but we always knew we wanted to do it ourselves – we had our first client booked and ready to go before we even finished our last class! The reason we push on through hard times is the same reason we started our business – we’ve got a real passion for what we do. We love the process the process of video production and how varied and exciting the opportunities are. One week we can making a stop-motion film for Sainsburys, the next it could be small-scale documentary with a local artist. That’s a very exciting thing!