David Wood

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Describe your business

I run a business that offers life coaching for the troubled and troublesome. This will typically include people recovering from issues of mental health, addiction, abuse and involvement with crime. I’ve created a business that works with people not to address their problems, but to help them build a better future.

What is your greatest business achievement?

I think that’ll have to be coaching a recovering heroin addict, who after our sessions together got her life back on track and is now the wellbeing co-ordinator at the community project I work in. It is a process that came full circle.

What made you want to work for yourself?

Having worked in probation service for 13 years I became frustrated at seeing a real need for people to experience a sense of liberation and optimism for the future. I felt coaching could bring exactly this – yet as an employee I could do nothing. It really felt like I had to go at it alone if I wanted to do something.

Why are the self-employed so important?

Being self-employed has enabled me to create new structures and ways of working to achieve what I could not in my previous role. I’ve built a business working with people in need, helping them become inspired, positive and ready for the future.