Georgie Manly



Describe your business

For the past seven years I have been working as a freelance Artist Facilitator. I deliver arts workshops and projects for museums, galleries, charities and local councils. So far I’ve managed to reach a diverse range of people, particularly those with learning disabilities or from poverty stricken backgrounds who benefit so much from an artistic and creative workshop.


What has been your greatest business achievement?

I measure my achievements on the impact I’ve had on people’s lives and love seeing someone who may have been overlooked become proud of their work. I also take pride in my involvement with lots of different organisations and the work we’ve achieved collaboratively on programmes.


What made you want to work for yourself?

I wanted the freedom to choose the path for the artist practice. In setting up my own I can choose the format of the workshops and choose the groups to work with.


Why is self-employment so important?

As an artist it is invaluable to be able to have the freedom to work with a wide variety of organisations. I can personally shape my output and have a real impact on a diverse range of people.