Jake Wright

Visit: The Nameless Gallery


Describe your business

I run The Nameless Gallery, a platform for emerging, talented and unheard of artists to present their work. It’s a completely new take on the concept of an online art gallery – I've taken away the idea of commission and charge a flat fee to promote each artist. It can be as little as £5. They get their own page to describe their work, present their photos and offer links to any websites, blogs and social media pages they use. The gallery works as a way of allowing unheard of Artists to showcase their work globally, without needing to be an established name.

I feature artists and photographers from around the world and promote work from every continent except Antarctica. My promotion has global reach and the Gallery frequently hits a million Twitter interactions per month.

What is your greatest business achievement?

My greatest achievement has been to pick up business from all over the world. I’ve got artists from some of the most remote places on earth – and others from just a few miles away here in Leeds! I never expected the business to make a global impact, and I’m proud to have picked up over 60,000 Twitter followers along the way who I can share my artists’ work with.

What made you want to work for yourself?

I always grew up wanting to run my own business, and I’ve been thinking of business ideas from a very young age. I’d put my ideas to other people, and they’d say “That’s never going to work.” But with this one, I saw a gap in the market for a new way for an online gallery to work. People were really impressed, and it just stuck… I decided I’d give it a go, and it’s turned out pretty amazingly so far!

Why is self-employment so important?

I think more and more people are now beginning to look towards self employment as a viable means of making a living, and I would encourage anyone to give it a go. Self employment offers people the opportunity to make what they can from their own ideas, and allows people to get a fair return on the amount of hard work and commitment they are willing to put forward.