Nick Forshaw

Visit: Weakend Productions


Describe your business

I write, produce, direct, design, animate and edit CGI and graphics sequences for clients across a broad range of markets. I also produce a small children's story telling show - ‘The StoryMonster’ - which you can see on local TV In the midlands and run a popular and profitable YouTube channel.

My previous work includes producing content for Britain’s Got Talent, directing TV adverts and designing big screen visuals for theatre and music tours (including for dance group Diversity and Steps' huge reunion tour).

What is your greatest business achievement?

Becoming and remaining commercially viable! I spent almost a decade preparing to exit full time employment, building up the skills, contacts and portfolio of work to leave the security of a regular salary. Those efforts were invaluable and the benefits numerous.

Over the last eight years I've carved out my own market, and developed a range of skills which make me unique – putting modesty to one side, I would say I’m a ‘one-man production powerhouse’. I’m not aware of anyone else working independently in my field who offers such a comprehensive range of complimentary services.

What made you want to work for yourself?

I did enjoy my previous jobs, but I was sacrificing my role as a Dad and this wasn’t the work life balance I wanted to achieve. My eldest son has CP so being around to help him was an important consideration.

Also, I wanted to use and develop a wide range of skills, creative and otherwise, rather than being constrained to a narrow function within a larger organisation. Working for yourself you have to fulfil many roles and that's perfect for someone with a restless brain.

Why is self-employment so important?

The fact I get paid to create the work I love is extraordinarily fulfilling and far outweighs the financial rewards. Being self-employed gives me the opportunity to work the way I want and benefit directly from the reputation and recognition garnered by my efforts.