Nick Hilton

Visit: Snap Studies


Describe your business

M business partner and I have made an online educational resource called SnapStudies that provides materials to fit with the modern students of the digital age. There’s a problem with the teaching methods used in schools right now – they’ve been using the same materials for over a hundred years and they’re often leaving students turned off to learning.

Our materials are built entirely around students’ needs. We worked through the specifications that GCSE pupils use and created textbook quality content in text, audio, images and video. On top of that we’ve created tools for people with learning difficulties. We operate on a subscription model; it gives the clients some flexibility and it means we can keep the content updated with real world events in a way the current resources don’t do.

What is your greatest business achievement?

I was runner up Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Cheshire Young Business Leaders in 2015. Next time I’m determined to win! I was also selected to represent the University of Chester at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Moscow and gave a speech on my experience of starting a business as a student.

What made you want to work for yourself?

I’ve always wanted to have my own business. My father’s got his own business, my grandfather likewise, and my great-grandfather before him… I guess it runs in the family! Although that only plays a small part. From a young age I knew I wanted a job which gave me flexibility and was high-risk but rewarding. I could handle a day-to-day job but I think the routine would lead to me being unhappy – I need something which makes me push myself and constantly develop.

Why is self-employment so important?

Education is the foundation of all our lives. Through education we can meet our needs as individuals and as a society. What we know and learn is what allows us to provide for those we love; it’s what lets us achieve our dreams and it’s what lets us innovate. Education is the most important building block of a sustainable and progressive society.