Paul Allington

Visit: The Code Guy


Describe your business

I run a small software development company –The Code Guy – which is dedicated solving real life business problems in creative and innovative ways (web and app development, rapid prototyping, ongoing maintenance etc.).

I work from the shed in my garden, on projects I enjoy, with the freedom to work at my own pace.

What is your greatest business achievement?

Solving business problems is my greatest strength. I recently completed a touchscreen display for The Racing Post. It had a clear requirement and a technical challenge that was exciting to tackle. The ability to develop well rounded reliable software is just a tool – being able to use that tool to solve problems is where it gets really enjoyable.

I’d say my greatest achievement is fighting back from what felt like the ultimate defeat – the fall of my first business – to getting back on my feet with no regrets. When my business failed it could have gone two ways. I chose to accept what had happened, draw a line, start again and move forward.  Since then I’ve never looked back, a new chapter.

What made you want to work for yourself? 

To be in charge of my own destiny and ultimately flexible enough to strike a healthy balance between work and family.  Self-employment means there are no limits other than the limits you set yourself which means I have the power to go as far as I’d like, as fast as I like.

Why is self-employment so important?

I love the variety and fulfilment. Every day is different, I enjoy the flexibility to react to a quickly changing landscape which I find to be the most rewarding way to be in business.  Most importantly, it creates a work-life balance that’s simply not possible in many other careers and allows me the freedom to spend time with my family, especially my two young children.