Rachel McMillan

Visit: Rachel McMillan Ltd.


Describe your business

After graduating from the Scottish Textiles University in Galashiels I started my own fashion brand in Glasgow. I would describe it as contemporary, urban and artistic. The brand’s designs are based around hand drawings and collages that are then manipulated digitally. I love the idea of seeing a pattern from a distance and an entirely different detailed drawing when up close. There a few different collections I have currently, but I also design graphics for brands, competitions and recently started a blog.


What has been your greatest business achievement?

My greatest business achievement to date has been to secure retail spaces at Princes Square Shopping Centre and at House of Fraser. It has been a massive achievement for me and will gain traction for the brand. I’m so looking forward to November and December and seeing my collection on the shop floor.


What made you want to work for yourself?

From the outset I wanted to set up my own brand and have creative control over my designs. At first I found it hard to find internships in the fashion industry in Scotland but eventually gained the experience and guidance needed to start. I am now partnered with Scottish universities and offer placements and internships to help grow the fashion industry in Scotland and offer students more opportunities in learning how to work for themselves.


Why is self-employment so important?

The alternative to self-employment for me would be to work for another fashion brand. Being independent and starting my own business has given me the opportunity to develop my own creativity and designs. There is so much freedom and I can take my business in any direction I want. It’s important to support this in the fashion industry and provide opportunities for future generations of new fashion houses.