Rebecca Seeley Harris

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Describe your business

After graduating from university having studied a degree and master’s in business and international commercial law, I realised I wanted to start my own business.  So I set up my legal consultancy, some 15 years ago now, on the basis of IR35.

My consultancy specialises in employment and tax status and advises clients on the legal and contractual position of working with independent contractors and on business structures for organisations that utilise freelancers.  I have worked with clients both nationally and internationally as employment status is a worldwide issue.

What is your greatest business achievement?

Being seconded to HM Treasury’s Office of Tax Simplification to be a policy advisor on the Employment Status Review, published in March this year.  Then getting a letter of thanks for my contribution from George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer.   It was a fascinating experience and, hopefully, my input, along with the other secondees, will help there to be a better understanding of employment and tax status issues.

What made you want to work for yourself?

None of my family have ever been employed, with each starting their own business – so I guess it was in my genes! I’ve never been fond of corporate structures and I wanted to make my own decisions, nurture my own clients and be my own boss.

Why are the self-employed so important?

The self-employed are a special breed, we have a unique mentality and motivation to succeed on our own terms and some amazing businesses are started on a kitchen table by the self-employed and grown into bigger business.  The self-employed are also crucial to the British economy, providing flexibility and specialist services.