National Freelancers Day 2017 promises to be bigger and better than ever, with a packed schedule of industry experts providing invaluable advice and support through a series of comprehensive seminars, masterclasses and workshops.
Whatever your industry, passion or age, this year’s NFD has something for you. Following three strands – student, new to freelancing and experienced freelancers – the day will include a host of tailor-made sessions covering everything you need to know about launching and running a stimulating and successful freelance business.
One such session will be run by Elsa Caleb, start-up team manager at LHS Solicitors’ LLP. She specialises in starting and developing businesses and works extensively with small businesses in a wide range of industries, helping them improve effectiveness, productivity, results and ‘the bottom-line’.
With over 20 years’ experience advising and developing small businesses, Elsa will be delivering a wide-ranging session, invaluable for anyone embarking on a freelance career.
Elsa said: “When you’re a freelancer you’re so caught up with working in your industry and on your business, that you forget that you can raise your head from time-to-time to see what’s going on around you. NFD will be a good opportunity for those attending to gain knowledge and meet other freelancers – sometimes you can do partnership work, and get contracts just by knowing who else is out there. It’s important that they come out and meet others and know what’s actually happening, rather than reading about it later and missing out.
“This session looks at how they can remember they are actually a brand, and marketing themselves. Anything they do in public – whether it’s talks, demonstrations, logos, blogs or even LinkedIn – must be consistent and professional, so that anyone can see them and say ‘yes, they’re a freelancer and they’re professional’.  
“It will look at how they can prepare themselves for being a freelancer. It’s not just about having the skills, experience and knowledge, it’s about making sure they have the right financial structure in place. Collecting their receipts, keeping their accounts, doing invoices and making sure their pricing is right to ensure a profit at the end of the day.”
Elsa will be speaking from 2.30 – 3.15.