IPSE ambassadors are the people who make the freelance community stronger. The people who provide products and services that make this group’s working lives easier. The membership organisations, support groups, knowledge hubs and everybody else who forms the backbone of the flexible labour market. 

If that sounds like you, we think the support you provide should be recognised. That’s why this year, there’ll be a whole new category for the IPSE Awards: the Ambassador Award. Being crowned the winner will be a big accolade. Freelancers will know that when they come to you for support, they’ll be dealing with someone who represents our community and fosters its growth. 

Entrants need to be existing IPSE Ambassadors, and we’ll be looking at a wide range of qualities in determining the finalists. The kind of support you provide and how you’ve developed your offering will be key factors in play, as will your commitment to improving the business landscape for the freelance community. 

To enter the Awards or to enquire about becoming an IPSE Ambassador, click the button below.

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